Top Games at Woman Bingo for the Best in Multiline Slots

Woman Bingo is probably one of the largest online bingo sites for female online players. Woman Bingo is owned by Jackpot Joy Bingo which means it possesses similar features and offers to the award winning site.

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This site was made in collaboration with Woman Magazine. Although Woman Bingo may not be part of the list of the most prestigious and popular online bingo sites today, it still has its own set of best features and games that are worth trying. Also, Woman Bingo is a very cute site themed perfectly to fit the visual preference of most women so as to provide a pleasing visual layout for all their players.

– Games at Woman Bingo

If you haven’t had the time to visit this amazing online bingo site yet, then you probably should. This online bingo site has more than 80 games that you can choose from once you become an official member of the site. The site offers not only bingo games but they also have slots and other casino style games. Here is a list of the games that you can play in this online bingo site:

– Double Bubble

This is the very first game you will notice when you go to this online bingo site’s game gallery. Double Bubble is a fun slot game that is meant to give you a lot of entertainment while you wait for your scheduled regular bingo game. This game has a maximum payout of 30,000 times your coin size! The coin size for this game varies from 1p to £10. Just imagine how much money you can get if you bet £10 and win the jackpot of 30,000 times!

– Tiki Island

This is another side game available at Woman. This is a multiline slot game which means that you will have a chance to win greater cash prizes. Multiline slots will allow you to bet on more than one pay line at the same time. It will increase your chances of getting the most coveted jackpot of 10,000 times your coin size. You can bet from 1p to £10 depending on your preference. The bigger amount you bet, the bigger the prize will be if you win the game.

– Peggle Slots

The amazing Peggle game has now become a theme in one of the side games at Woman. This is probably one of the most played slot side games in the site because it has a huge cash jackpot. When you play Peggle Slots in this site, you might be able to win the £25,000 jackpot prize. That is literally over thousand folds considering that the coin size you can use in this game ranges only from 1p to £1. Your ultimate goal in this game is to unlock Peggle characters. If you complete all the 10 Peggle characters, you will see the appearance of the power of the Grand Master Marina which will give you a lot of amazing things.

These are just three of the many slot games available at Woman Bingo online site. Now that you already have a sneak peek on the games offered at Woman Bingo, you might want to sign up now while they have an outstanding no deposit sign up bonus.