The Best Deals for Newbies at Hollywood Bingo This Month

Hollywood Bingo is probably one of the most glamorous online bingo sites active today. Many players have paid attention to Hollywood Bingo because their offers and deals are just too generous and appealing. This online bingo site is very unique and you will definitely not find any other bingo site that has the same set of bonuses and programs. Hollywood Bingo is the newest addition to the growing number of online bingo sites at present.

Best casinoWhat You Get From Hollywood Bingo

If you are planning to enter an online bingo site, you might as well enter an authentic and generous one. You must read online bingo reviews to know more about a particular online bingo site’s background and feedback’s from actual users. Since their launching, they have gained the confidence of many players because they have proven their credibility and authenticity for a number of times already.

Here are the set of offers and deals you can get from the site as a newbie:

Newbie Bonus

Almost all of the online bingo sites today are giving away welcome bonuses to attract as many players as they could and Hollywood Bingo is not spared from that. This online bingo site will give you the chance to check out their site for free because they will initially give you £1 free money just by signing up with them. This is a great chance for you to experience the site without incurring costs at all. As well as this, they are giving away 300% first deposit bonus to all the new players who will register to the site. That 300% bonus will be in the form of free money and it will be added on top of your initial deposit to the site. This will let you save some money because you can use the bonus to purchase bingo game tickets instead of using your own.

Match Up Bonuses

This is another regular online bingo bonus given by this site. All the players who make their subsequent deposit will be able to get match up bonuses amounting to 100%. The 100% will be based on the amount you just recently deposited. You can still use this bonus to play lots of fun and exciting bingo games to win amazing set of cash and non-cash prizes.

Newbie Room

This is probably one of the best features of this site for all their new players. By becoming an official member of the site, you will gain unlimited access to their newbie room for a period of time. By playing in the newbie room, you will get amazing prizes for free because you will not be paying for the games in the newbie room. All the games in the newbie room are free so you can participate whenever you want to.

These are only few of the things you can get from Hollywood Bingo as a new player. Once you become a regular and frequent player, you will have access to more benefits and privileges from the site.

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