How to claim and spend your welcome bonus at Bingo Cafe

Bingo Cafe offers $30 free bonus, given in Bingo Bucks (BBs) to all new members who are registered members of the online gambling site. The welcome bonus package also includes a 300% first deposit bonus of up to $100BBs, and a 100% second deposit bonus of up to $100BBs. While some online bingo sites and casinos allow new players to claim the free welcome bonus and engage in free play without registering, this is not the case at Bingo Cafe. In order to be able to play at the site and to claim the welcome bonus that the site offers, new players must register and open an account.

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A new player who has opened an account at Bingo Cafe can claim the $30 free bonus bucks even without making a deposit. The BBs can be used for wagering in bingo games and certain allowed slots games. However, when playing slots with BBs prior to making a deposit, a limitation of 20 spins per games is imposed. This means new players playing slots with BBs from the welcome bonus must move on to another allowed slots game after making 20 spins. There is no such restriction in the use of BBs for wagering in bingo games. If a new player has funded his account immediately after registration and then claims the $30 free BBs, these can be wagered only in bingo games.

New players who have not funded their accounts will have an active Bingo Bucks account where all winnings from wagering are credited. The BBs are strictly for wagering only, and cannot be cashed out. The only way to cash out bonus money is to have these credited to the Real Money account and to do this, a player must fund his account.

The first cash deposit at Bingo Cafe receives a 300% match bonus of up to $100 BBs. The minimum deposit for the initial funding of the account is $10, which will give the player an equivalent of $30 BBs in the BB account. The second deposit also receives a 100% match bonus of up to $100BBs, but the minimum amount for the second deposit is $20. After making the first deposit and having active cash account, winnings from the bonuses are added to the player’s cash balance or Real Account if the total bonus funds is in excess of $100BBs. This means the winnings from wagering the bonuses and the claimed BBs must be in excess of $100BBs, before any bonus winnings are credited to the Real Account.

Players at Bingo Cafe have both the BB account for bonuses, and the Real Money or cash account. A player who has depleted his cash account can use the remaining BBs in the bonus account for wagering. Take note that by receiving the welcome bonuses, Bingo Cafe management expects each new player to comply with the wagering requirements. Winnings from the cash bonuses can be withdrawn only after the wagering requirements are met.

New players who are playing with bonus money but have not made initial funding of their accounts are not eligible to claim jackpot game prizes and claiming other bonuses other than the BBs won from the bonus play. An unfunded player who plays a jackpot game and wins forfeits the prize, which is added back to the jackpot amount. However, once the account has been funded, these restrictions are lifted, meaning the new player can play the lucrative jackpot games and is entitled to receive other bonuses that the site offers. By funding their account at Bingo Cafe, new players also become eligible to receive table game bonuses after 7 days from making the deposit.