Shop of joy at Chat Mag Bingo

One of the most exciting offers of Chat Mag Bingo that is unique to them is its Shop of Joy. This is the one thing that you will only find in Chat Mag Bingo. Players are using this shop to help them stay in the game and get better deals and prizes.

Features of Chat Mag Bingo Shop of Joy

cardsOne interesting feature of Chat Mag is its Shop of Joy. Shop of Joy requires you to accumulate award points. You earn award points for every amount of money you spend on their games.

How Chat Mag Bingo Shop of Joy works

Playing at Chat Mag Bingo requires you to have at least £10 on your first deposit to get the 250% matching bonus. If you deposit the maximum amount during your first deposit, you will surely get back the greatest return from it through the match bonus. For instance, if the maximum first deposit amounts to £100, you will get 250% bonus which gives you a total of £350 worth of games.

Shop of Joy is in charge of processing joy points which you will earn based on the amount of money you have spent playing bingo games on the site. This joy points can be used to enter their Prize Draws where you can win great prizes. You actually started to earn these points the moment you started to spend money from your account.

Spending more money on the site will earn you more joy points and a better chance at winning special prizes. You will see the number of joy points you have accumulated beside your game balance. Once you have accumulated enough joy points you can finally start to shop prize draws that are equivalent to your points.

You will earn joy points by spending £5 on bingo games and £20 on slots. One point will be credited to your joy point’s account for each particular amount you spend. If you have 5 joy points, you can shop for Bronze Prize Draw. This will promo will end on December 10, 2015.

The silver prize draw needs you to have at least 10 joy points while gold prize draw needs you to have 15 joy points in order to join. These two prize draws will also end on December 10, 2015.

These are the reasons you should make the most of your first deposit. You can use it to play Chat Mag wonderful games and be able to win their surprising prizes.

The amazing prizes that you can win on the Shop of Joy are gadgets, cash, and more others. Your 15 joy points can make you win the £500, which is the top prize in their gold prize draw. You can also win the £300 top prize through your 10 joy points at the silver prize draw. On the other hand, Shop of Joy Chat Mag Bingo still gives you £100 top prize for your 5 joy points, through their bronze prize draw.