How Teachers Are Now Using Bingo Games As A Teaching Aid

Bingo games are not only used by online players to give them entertainment but some teachers have already sought the help of bingo games to teach their students. There are so many teaching techniques that can be applied to different kinds of students and a fun-filled learning technique is always the best choice when it comes to students who find it a bit tiring to purely study.

Integrating bingo games into the lesson will stir the interest of your students because it is a major deviation from the usual teaching styles seen in school.

Why Teachers Infuse “Fun” Aspect in Teaching

casino moneyToday’s generation of students is not like before. Because there are already a lot of distractions that are present like the social media and the accessibility of various portable gadgets, most students shift their focus to those things rather than studying hard. More often than not, you need to have something interesting to offer the students in order for you to gain their attention because students couldn’t seem to say no to FUN.

Also, it has been observed by many instructors and teachers that students remember only the worst and most fun moments during their entire student life. There’s nothing in between. Although they really don’t intend to remember the lessons you taught, they have no choice but to remember them too while reminiscing about the fun that happened during their student life.

Fun-infused learning has been proven to be very effective in developing comprehension and retention even to average ranking students. That is why many teachers are now embracing a new technique in teaching their students and that is through the use of various bingo games. Many professors have already become living witnesses of the transformation of students and the improvement they have shown after using various games as teaching tools to assist them in their learning process.

How Teachers Use Bingo Games As Teaching Aids

Here is a concrete example of how you can teach your students about history lessons using games particularly bingo. Because most of the students find History subjects boring, you have to look for various ways to keep their focus on the lesson so that they can better appreciate where they come from.

History Bingo

You can start off by preparing history questions. The questions should reflect the level of knowledge you want to test. If you are handling average students, then you should choose/make questions that are mixture of both medium to difficult so that you can assess up to where your students learned.

Before initiating the game, make sure you already have prepared the bingo game cards you will use and the questions should already be written on cards so that it will be easier for you to draw random questions later. You can either choose to leave the bingo cards blank and let your students do the filling up of these blanks by letting them copy the answers you write on the board. But if you want to save time, you can do the honor of filling the bingo cards with answers that are randomly placed in each blank space.

After doing so, you can start the game. Your students can win the game if they have marked a single straight or diagonal row on their cards. With this set-up, you will really feel that you are playing real bingo games.